Welcome to the website of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group.

The UK’s IP intensive industries account for 26% of GVA, and involve a range of different sectors including music, film, sport and publishing. A strong and effective IP regime enables such industries to continue to grow and outperform the wider economy, and deliver creative content that is enjoyed all over the world.

While ministerial responsibility for IP lies with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the range of sectors involved means a number of government departments and agencies have roles and responsibilities which impact on the success, or otherwise, of UK IP-rich businesses – both small and large.

The Group was launched in 2003 as a response to this and to create a resource for parliamentarians of both Houses interested in learning more about intellectual property (IP), its role in stimulating creativity and economic growth, how new services are developing to serve consumer needs, and the harm that can be caused when IP is not properly respected and protected. Luther Pendragon provides administrative support to the group on behalf of the Alliance for Intellectual Property.

Established in 1998, the Alliance for Intellectual Property is a unique association of organisations representing UK IP rich businesses and creators Members include representatives of the audio-visual, music, toy and games, sports rights, branded manufactured goods, publishing, retailing, image, art, and design sectors. They share a collective interest in ensuring that Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valued in the UK and around the world, and that a legislative regime exists that enables the value and contribution of those rights to be fully realised.